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Critical Communications World Series

Critical Communications World Series

05 - 07 Oct 2015

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

18 - 19 November 2015

Intercontinental Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA

1 - 3 Dec 2015

Novotel, Cannes – Montfleury

March 2016


31 May - 2 June 2016

Rai Amsertdam, Amsterdam

Telecoms, Networks & Services

Telecoms, Networks & Services Series

10 - 12 Nov 2015

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

10 - 12 Nov 2015

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

20-21 April 2016

One Whitehall Place, London

Transmission Series

Network Virtualization Series

15 - 17 Sep 2015

Meliá Avenida América, Madrid

5 - 7 Oct 2015


2 - 3 Dec 2015


WDM & Next Generation Optical Series

5-7 Oct 2015

Crowne Plaza, Dallas, USA

4 - 5 Feb 2016

Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town

27-30 June 2016


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Critical Communications World Series SDN & NFV World Series Transmission Series TN&S Series
“The leading conference in the business segment” Tapio Makinen, Marketing Director, Airbus Defence & Space

Critical Communications World 2014

"An Excellent Opportunity to widen my knowledge on the latest trends of harmonizing critical voice, data, and videos communications using the latest technology solutions" Othman Badyah, Senior IT Advisor, Petro Rabigh Company, Saudi Arabia

Critical Communications World 2014

“This is where the critical comms community meets every year” Hannu Aronsson, CTO, Portalify & Chair TETRA Association Applications Forum

Critical Communications World 2014

“This is *the* conference event for the CC community. Organisational attendance / representation is a must” Ged Robinson, Technical Advisor, Qatar MOI  

Critical Communications World 2014

“For us it is a unique opportunity to have in the same place at the same time all of our customers in the world that are here to talk to us about the future” Jean-Marc Nasr, President, Cassidian SAS

Critical Communications World 2013

The conference did the job as expected. It concentrates on current TETRA implementations and the highlights on future of critical communications, Abdullah Aseery, Saudi Aramco, Telecommunications Engineer

Critical Communications Middle East 2013

Well organized and very informative, Sailas Koni, Zambia Police, Divisional IT Cofficer

Critical Communications Middle East 2013

“A great event. Perfectly organized and marketed, the TETRA Congress Americas has shown the strength and global presence of TETRA in New York. I look forward to attending next year’s edition” Jose M Maretin, CEO PowerTrunk

TETRA Congress Americas 2013

‘Excellent forum for exchanging information about TETRA technology and for building peer group’Andrew Schwartz, Director of Radio Communications, New Jersey Transit

TETRA Congress Americas 2013

"I personally found the show very worthwhile and it was one of the better industry events I had attended in awhile. I found it to be a little more informal and open than other events and as a result I was able to takeaway valuable info about the market and the problems our customers need to have solved” - Tellabs

WDM USA 2013

"I’m delighted with the conference, 80+ different service providers from 50+ countries is a fantastic group for us to be able to network with” - BG, Cisco

WDM USA 2013

"A great conference, and just the right size to meet and talk to everyone without getting lost in the crowd as you do at some of the bigger shows” - Verizon

WDM USA 2013

"WDM APAC conference and interesting discussions about 40G and 100G” - AS, Infonetics


"Great Event. Great talks and good to see some genuine buzz in the industry about 100G and its evolution. A very nice exhibition with good opportunity to meet broad range of vendors and see latest advances in technology in action.” - BT

Next Generation Optical Networking 2013

"The event was very beneficial to learn a lot about operators' interests and concerns as well as learning a lot from vendors." - Senior Research Engineer, NTT

Carrier Ethernet APAC 2013

"CE event is right place to get most update on Ethernet Technology and Specifications in order to make telcos more easy to discuss on E-NNI with same language and understanding" - Head of Network Engineering & Operations, Telekomunikasi Indonesia International ( Telin Singapore)

Carrier Ethernet APAC 2013

"Great event, very informative presentations. Good opportunities for Networking" - System Engineering, Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd

Carrier Ethernet APAC 2013

"Bigger and better this year, lots of quality operators and vendors to mix, meet, discuss, learn, and exchange ideas and experience." Principal Analyst & Co-Founder, Infonetics

Carrier Ethernet APAC 2013

"The event is “a must to attend” for anyone working in the Ethernet space to understand the status of the Ethernet market Ethernet Network." Evolution Consultant, Telefonica

Ethernet World 2013

“Great networking opportunity and knowledge sharing across the industry” - Axiata


"A great opportunity to get an insight into the current SDN market and meeting the leading service providers to discuss their needs from SDN" - Chief Network Services Architect, IBM

SDN & NFV Summit 2013

“The SDN & NFV Summit 2013 in Prague provided a very good overview of the status of the industry. The presentations where enlightening and provided lots of material for thoughts" - Group Lead Core & Service Networks, Telekom Austria

SDN & NFV Summit 2013

“The place to be for anyone involved in transmission networks “ (AP, Completel Numericable)

Next Generation Optical Networking 2013

“The top event in Optical Networking by far” - (JP, CANTV)

Next Generation Optical Networking 2013

“This is a great conference, this is the premier optical conference in Europe.  It has got all the right people here and it is a great place to meet those people.”  (GB, Infinera)

Next Generation Optical Networking 2013

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What kind of Critical Communications networks and services can the next generation of users... https://t.co/F9K0aGfIWk

What kind of Critical Communications networks and services can the next generation of users hhttps://t.co/nc8J8g2ZbGhhttp://t.co/0DOrkDDiIr